Ventilation and Emergency Egress Structures

Ventilation and Emergency Egress Shafts Page (PMPC graphic of the alignment greyed out except the shafts)

The 2004 FEIS/EIR-approved design discusses the need for vent structures along the DTX alignment. The proposed ventilation structures would be co-located with emergency tunnel exits. Their locations have been refined as follows:

  • Fourth and Townsend Street Station, one at each end
  • 701 Third Street at Townsend Street or across the street at 699 Third Street and 180 Townsend Street
  • Second and Harrison Streets (southeast corner)
  • Transit Center, one at each end

The height of the ventilation structures would vary depending on adjacent development. Two exhaust fans would be located at the west end of the Transit Center. Design and siting of the ventilation structures will follow National Fire Protection Association Standard 130.

Portions of the ventilation and emergency egress structure sites at Third/Townsend Streets, Second/Harrison Streets, and the east end of the Transit Center may be available for future development, if approved by the City.