Program Map

1. Transbay Transit Center
The new landmark Transit Center at First and Mission Streets in San Francisco features an elevated Bus Deck for AC Transit and other regional carriers (and initially intercity bus operators), ground floor transit amenities and below-grade levels serving Caltrain and future California High-Speed Rail. The Transit Center will include retail shops, entertainment, and conference, educational and cultural space.

2. Temporary Terminal
In order to begin construction on the project, a temporary bus terminal for AC Transit, WestCAT Lynx, Muni, Golden Gate Transit, Greyhound and SamTrans was constructed at Folsom, Howard, Beale and Main Streets to ensure uninterrupted service for transit riders. The Temporary Terminal served transit riders while the new Transit Center was being constructed.

3. New Bus Ramp
Buses accessed the Bay Bridge to and from the Transbay Terminal on a loop ramp that was designed to accommodate the rail systems that used the Terminal in the ‘40s and ‘50s. The new elevated bus ramp that will enter the Transit Center from the west will both eliminate the east bus loop and maintain direct bus connections to and from the Transbay Transit Center and the Bay Bridge.

4. Folsom Street
Folsom Street will be the centerpiece of the new Transbay neighborhood and will feature widened sidewalks for easy pedestrian access, street side cafes and marketplaces with above ground housing and views of the San Francisco Bay.

5. Transit Center District and Redevelopment Area
The Project Area is approximately 40 acres in size and is bounded by Mission Street in the north, Main Street in the east, Folsom Street in the south and Second Street in the west. The new neighborhood will feature wide sidewalks, front stoops, new parks and small retail shops.

6. Downtown Rail Extension
The rail line will be extended 1.3 miles underground from its current terminus at Fourth and King Streets into the new Transit Center, providing a seamless connection between the Peninsula, the South Bay, Southern California and San Francisco’s Financial District.

7. Bus Storage
With the new, more efficient bus ramp, buses will be stored when not in use in a facility under the I-80 Freeway.

8. New Fourth & King Caltrain Station
A new Caltrain station will be built underground at Fourth and King while a smaller platform will be located above ground for Caltrain service terminating at Fourth and King. The new Caltrain and High Speed Rail line will continue underground up Second Street into the new Transit Center.