Program Timeline




Route for bay Bridge Selected

The hoover Commission selects Rincon Hill to Oakland Mole, via Yerba Buena Island, as a route for the Bay Bridge.


Temporary Terminal Built at Third & Townsend

A temporary terminal constructed for Southern Pacific passenger service at Third & Townsend streets, to be completed in time for 1915 World’s Fair; plans made to bring trains to a new terminal in downtown San Francisco, but are never realized.


‘Bayshore Cut-Off’ Opens

The “Bayshore Cut-Off” opens, giving Southern Pacific trains a quick route into San Francisco.

1970's & 80's

1970's & 80's


Final report is Issued, Favors Demolition of Existing Terminal

Final report is issued and favors demolition of existing terminal with construction of a new regional transportation center to serve both commuters and long-distance passengers plus three million square feet of private development in air rights above the terminal.




Administrative Draft of Caltrain Downtown Extension Released

The administrative Draft of Caltrain downtown Extension is released.  Alternatives considered include a six-track terminal underground behind the Transbay Terminal, and a three-level underground terminal beneath Second Street at market Street.  The study never progresses due to lack of a funding plan, but provides the basis for continued study of extending Caltrain into downtown San Francisco.