Conner Nuss (WOJV Intern): On how this project will impact the future, “It’s going to make a huge impact. It’s going to tie together Northern and Southern California and all the different modes of transportation here in the Bay Area, which is a big step forward I think.”

Elwood Mac Murray (PMPC Intern):  On his biggest takeaway from this internship, “It would probably be all the real world experience like all the exposure we got and how we are actually contributing to the project itself.”

Rizza Ward Gordon (TJPA Intern):   On her advice for the 2016 interns, “My advice would be, don’t be afraid to speak up and also ask a lot of questions because this is a onetime opportunity.”

Suraj Patel (Turner Intern): On what he has learned at this internship, “Looking at a contract drawing and being able to visualize what you see on paper, out in the field. That’s something that you can’t get in class because in class you only get that textbook material stuff that you can’t really visualize.”

2015 TJPA Interns