Marteka Poole (TJPA Intern): “My biggest takeaway from this internship is to try new things and don’t be afraid to speak up.”

Jordan Gilles (Turner Intern):  On how the internship has shaped his interests, “I think it has been really personably valuable in that I have a lot more direction in where I want to go with my career. Berkeley is a school that doesn’t necessarily emphasize construction or project management as potential career paths so an internship with Turner this summer on the Transbay Project has given me even more open eyes to the areas of construction.”

Winston Liu (URS Intern): On advice for the 2015 interns, “You should try to go down to the field as much as possible and try to relate what you’re learning to what is happening out in the field because I got a chance to do that and that was a very fun experience.”

Alan Choy (URS Intern): On the impact of the Transbay Project in the future, “This project is such a big milestone for the city and state and it’s going to have such a great impact on it. Just something of this magnitude, it’s making San Francisco more accessible.”

2014 TJPA Interns