Vivian Lau (TJPA Intern): “I think the major thing that I learned during my internship opportunity here, was the whole construction process and what actually happens on a construction site, for example you have to think about your surrounding neighbors and really carefully planning how you’re going to conduct the whole excavation process, and making sure that everything goes well.  You also you have to think about what types of unforeseen circumstances that may come up and how to fix them.”

Je’Meshia (TJPA Intern):  “I learned what it takes to put a large project like this together which will be affecting the whole city, state, and country.  You see construction going up all the time but you don’t really think about the minds behind it and all the people it takes, such as the engineers, the lawyers, and the community outreach team that works to get the word out, and so many more.”

Gregory Esteban (Webcor/Obayashi Intern):  “Some advice that I would give to the next interns is to ask every question you can possibly imagine in order to get a better understanding of how the construction industry actually works.  This way, you will know what is being said around you when you do come into work.  If you can hone in on that early, it makes the whole internship much better.”

Zachary Van Dussen (URS Intern): “I think what stood out to me most during my internship is just the sheer gravity and size of a project like this, and what it takes to make it work.  You would be surprised by some of the minute details that have to have meetings and meetings about them.”

2013 Interns