Employment & Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The TJPA is currently seeking a Chief Financial Officer.  Information can be found here https://bit.ly/2NjMLvC

Internship Opportunities

The TJPA has a robust Summer high school and college internship program that it coordinates with its contractors/consultants.  Recruitment for TJPA’s Summer internship program typically occurs in the Spring with internships running for 6 weeks beginning in June.

While the TJPA does not have a formal year-round internship program, we may have opportunities for interns interested in learning about specific aspects of the Transbay Program depending on project activities currently underway.  If you are interested in an internship position, please send a resume with your qualifications and a cover letter detailing your interests to ngonzales@tjpa.org.

Contract Opportunities

For information about consulting and contracting opportunities, please click here.